Condition Report: What will the assets survey do?


What is it? A Condition Report is the most primary survey and therefore usually the cheapest. It will commonly take around one to two hours to complete, and you should get the findings the subsequent day.

What will the assets survey do?

  • Check the primary situation of the construction and any outbuildings, which include a garage, in addition to the ‘services’, this means that the electricity, gas and water supply and the drains. It uses a site visitors light device as a way to flag any problems that require attention
  • Provide a precis of issues and dangers on your solicitor or belongings lawyer to research further. For example, bad electrics, possession of barriers and planning permission for extensions or other building work.

How much does it cost? Fees are usually based on the purchase fee of the belongings, and begin from £250 to £300.

When have I got one? A Condition Report is appropriate for newer properties and homes which are in a typically precise nation of repair. Get one if you may be satisfied with just a broad-brush review of the belongings’ circumstance.

What to expect: Take a look at this pattern Condition Report.


What is it? A HomeBuyer Report is extra considerable than the Condition Report – and generally expenses more too. It is obtainable either without or with the valuation of an asset.

It usually takes one to 2 hours to look at the belongings and another hour to complete the valuation.

You can assume to get hold of the HomeBuyer Report within two days.

HOMEBUYER REPORT (survey best)

What will the assets survey do? The survey-handiest version of the HomeBuyer Report, which costs from £350, will encompass all of the capabilities of the Condition Report, plus:

  • More far-accomplishing inspection. However, like the Condition Report, this could be restricted to what the surveyor can see – they won’t be lifting floorboards or moving furniture
  • A clear summary of problems that may impact the property’s value
  • Tailored recommendation on repairs and maintenance
  • List of problems that require closer attention to keep away from serious harm or dangerous conditions
  • General data on the area, surroundings and strength efficiency
  • Any legal issues.

HOMEBUYER REPORT (survey and valuation)

What will the belongings survey do? This version of the HomeBuyer Report incorporates the survey, as mentioned above, as well as the predicted price of rebuilding the belongings, for building coverage purposes, plus the fee of the assets at the open market.

How tons does it fee? Costs will vary in line with the cost of the property however budget for at least £450 for the survey and valuation.

When must I get one? A HomeBuyer Report is appropriate for most cutting-edge and older homes which are in a reasonable situation. Get one when you have any specific concerns approximately the purchase, or would just feel better approximately a more complete survey.

What to expect: Take a have a look at these sample reports: HomeBuyer Report (Survey simplest), HomeBuyer Report (Survey and Valuation).


What is it? A Building Survey is the most comprehensive survey and, of course, the most expensive.

It can take numerous days to complete (relying on the belongings) and as much as a fortnight to get the results.

What will the property survey do? The Building Survey will consist of all the features of a HomeBuyer Report, plus the following:

  • Thorough inspection and record on a selection of problems touching on the condition of the assets
  • Summary of defects (even insignificant ones) and capability problems as a result of hidden flaws
  • Advice on restore options, their predicted cost and the capability outcomes of failing to address them
  • Advice and concerns on your solicitor.

How tons does it fee?

Costs vary in line with the value of the belongings however usually start at £500.

When must I get one? A Building Survey is suitable for large, old, uncommon, listed or dilapidated homes. Also, for buildings that are present process a change-of-use, together with a barn conversion.

What to expect: Take a observe this pattern Building Survey

RPSA surveys

RPSA, (Residential Property Surveyors Association) is every other independent frame of surveyors.

It gives three sorts of a survey, which all encompass the following:

  • Inspection for subsidence, damp, rot, woodworm, and other most important defects
  • Photos to focus on capabilities and regions of concern
  • An evaluation of environmental troubles impacting the assets
  • Color-coded condition rankings to highlight the significance of problems.

How a lot do they value? Prices degrees from £400 thru to £900, depending on the survey and property.


What is it? This home shoppers survey is appropriate for cutting-edge or simpler varieties of assets.

What will the property survey do?

  • Review of the condition of the assets, highlighting fundamental troubles and defects
  • At least 20 photos.


What is it? This home survey is suitable for all homes but is regularly used for older or more uncommon homes, or houses where issues are suspected.

What will the belongings survey do?

  • More targeted evaluation of the situation of the property
  • Advice on the nature of the upkeep important and the anticipated performance of the property in future
  • At least forty photos.

Surveys in Scotland


What is it? If you’re shopping for a home in Scotland, maximum dealers are required – via law – to supply a Home Report percent inside nine days of marketing belongings.

As a buyer, you would possibly still want to bear in mind getting your house survey done, particularly when you have any worries approximately the belongings.

Some homes, which include new-construct homes, conversions or those purchased through the Right to Buy, don’t require a Home Report.

What will the belongings survey do?

  • Survey and property valuation
  • Energy Report, such as an Energy Performance Certificate
  • Property questionnaire covering problems which include council tax and power provider.

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