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Using the Controls on the highest of Your iPhone

Using the Controls on the highest of Your iPhone

You’ll realize many necessary controls on the highest of your iPhone. They embody the telephone receiver jack, the SIM card receptacle, and also the Sleep/Wake button.

View the highest aspect of the iPhone 3G.

Sleep/Wake button:

This button is employed to lock or unlock your iPhone and to show your iPhone on or off. Once your iPhone is latched, you’ll still receive calls and text messages, however, nothing happens if you but it’s screen. Once your iPhone is turned off, all incoming calls go on to voice mail.

SIM card receptacle:

The SIM card tray is wherever you take away or replace the SIM card within your iPhone.

A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card may be a removable open-end credit accustomed establish mobile phones. It permits users to vary phones by moving the SIM card from one phone to a different.

Headset jack:

The telephone receiver jack permits you to connect the enclosed iPhone headset, that appearance heaps like white iPod earbuds. Not like the iPod earbuds, however, the iPhone telephone receiver features a mike so you’ll use it to speak yet as listen.

The telephone receiver jack has recessed, thus most third-party earphones (such as those created by Shure, Etymotic, and Future Sonics) don’t work with it. Fortuitously, for around $11, you’ll obtain an adapter from firms like Belkin that permits you to use as regards to any whole or sort of earphones you prefer along with your iPhone. Fortuitously, Apple listened to customers. The iPhone 3G doesn’t have a recessed telephone receiver jack and doesn’t need an adapter.

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