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A Quick Reference to the Payroll Register

A Quick Reference to the Payroll Register

Payroll is full of moving components to track the employee’s hours and pay. Gross salary, pay net deductions from employees, payroll taxes as well as employer contributions and the list of things to keep track of goes on. The ability to view all that data all in one place is an ideal scenario surely? That’s where the payroll record is a must. What are the terms used to describe a payroll register and what exactly is it used for?

What is a Payroll Register?

The function of a the payroll register is to keep track of all payment details for employees in a particular pay period. In general, a payroll record includes the following details about the employee in question:

  • Gross pay
  • Net Pay
  • Taxes on payroll

Deductions from employees (e.g. health insurance)

Additionally, usually on the end of the report is a total of all employees in the time period.

The report on the payroll register differs from the report on paycheck history and other payroll reports such as a report on payroll details.

Payroll Register Vs. pay history and. Payroll details

Paycheck history reports provide the totals for a single employee over a particular pay period. Paycheck history reports do not list more than one employee because they are only for one particular employee. You can provide a paycheck history report to employees in the form of a pay stub. If you are using the payroll program, then you might be able group an employee’s history of pay for one time frame to show one total for several pay period (e.g. the total of all pay stubs in the initial quarter).

A payroll record file displays the totals of employees’

A payroll record file displays the totals of employees’ earnings over a certain period of time. The report lists the employee’s totals and the total of all employees. The report on the register typically combines data from individual paycheck history reports that are at the end on the page.

A report on payroll information is very similar to a register report. Both report on employee pay details. You can also utilize both to display pay details for a particular pay period. However, certain payroll details reports go beyond that by allowing you organize paychecks in a variety of ways (e.g. or by place of residence). In general, a payroll information report will include the employer’s portion of the payroll tax if the pay register report doesn’t mention the taxes.

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