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MP Payroll Solutions partners with West Kent Mind

MP Payroll Solutions partners with West Kent Mind

We are thrilled to share we will be supporting the charity MP Payroll Solutions will support this cause throughout the year. We chose this local charity due to the fact. Which that there is nothing more satisfying than helping the cause that is so important to us. The goal of our campaign is to raise money through various activities to help West Kent Mind. We are challenging others from the local market to help local charities. And increase awareness of the good work they carry out.

Mind is the most renowned organization for mental health in England and Wales. West Kent Mind began as the Sevenoaks and District Association for Mental Health (SDAMH) in 1962. It was among the very first associations in locality to join with national Mind (then called National Mind. Then the National Association for Mental Health) in 1964. SDAMH changed its name to Sevenoaks Area Mind in 2005 and was renamed West Kent Mind in 2015. In conjunction with the 50th anniversary celebrations of 2013/14 West Kent Mind interviewed. Some of the first pioneers and put together this story of the charity.

Why is this Mind’s purpose?

Staying healthy Aid those who are most who are at risk of developing mental health issues, so that they can remain healthy.

Empowering choices empowers people who suffer from an illness of the mind to make informed decisions about how they will live and recover.

Improved support and services: Ensure people get the correct support. And services in the appropriate moment to aid their recovery and help people to cope with their mental health issue.

Social participation Let the doors open to those who have experienced mental health issues who can fully participate in the society.

Eliminating inequality of opportunities Get equal treatment for those suffering from mental health problems as well as other kinds of discrimination.

Organizational excellence Get the most out of our resources by establishing an environment of excellence.

In the end We are very happy by this partnership and would like to encourage. Others in the local business community to show their financial support to local charities like West Kent Mind.

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