Payroll Issues

What do self-service employee portals assist in the management of payroll issues

What do self-service employee portals assist in the management of payroll issues

The payroll functions in companies operate as a black-box. The only information that is sent out for employees is their tax returns and payslips (apart from the salary credit. Naturally, the issues of cheques in certain traditional businesses). With the introduction of employee self-service portals online for payroll, the procedure is becoming more transparent (yet secured and authenticated). This is a crucial aspect to think about when choosing the right vendor to handle payroll outsourcing.

Through individual logins to the self-service portals for employees. Which that employees can now to view their electronic payslips as well as tax reports and more, 24 hours a day. Therefore this is extremely useful for employees since they don’t have to rely on their HR department for each and every request (related to the payroll report).

Here are a few well-known benefits of having a fully functioning online payroll portal.

Payslips to view/access/print Today, employees require their pay slips for a variety of reasons. Such as opening bank accounts as well as making credit card applications, requesting various types of loan, Visa requests, and so on. Inquiring for a copy the payslip from HR every time can be an extremely long procedure. The online portal helps to solve this issue entirely.

Self-made tax declarations Many times, payroll departments make mistakes in tax computations simply because they didn’t factor the tax declaration of employees correctly (data entry mistakes). In giving the power for the tax declarations to workers through their logins. So they can be certain that tax declarations have correctly submitted.

Grievance Management –

With the help of online payroll portals that have provided by payroll outsourcing companies such as Paysquare the ability to handle employee grievances by email. This offline approach can be very beneficial to employees. Since they don’t have to go out of their offices to address their grievances with HR or payroll teams. The majority of resolutions occur via email , and usually very quickly. Paysquare’s web-based myPayroll(tm)portal offers secure logins for employees.