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How to spot a fake paycheck Stubs like a pro?

How to spot a fake paycheck stubs like a pro?

To make sure you can avoid this situation at all costs, here are our expert tips on how to spot fake paychecks stubs and job verification.

1. Is everything perfectly rounded?

When was the last time your salary hit a perfectly rounded number with no extra dollars or cents? Chances are, probably never. One of the first things to check when examining a candidate’s paycheck is to make sure their monthly income isn’t perfectly rounded to the nearest hundreds of thousands. This is a sure sign that the person has filled out a bogus (and lazily!) Form because salaries are rarely a rounded number.

2. Does it look professional?

The people responsible for compiling the payslips are generally professional accountants and human resources personnel. These people are unlikely to create cluttered, confusing, and hard to crack documents. When reviewing your candidate’s fake paycheck, make sure it looks professional by checking out the small details. Everything should be clear and legible, not blurry, and all numbers and characters should line up correctly.

3. Is there a difference between zeros and O’s?

A tiny but significant, detail in payslips is whether or not there is a difference between the capital letter “O” and the number “0”. As you can see, the zeros should be slightly higher and oval. While the capital O’s are generally much more rounded. Again, a professional accountant would never make this kind of mistake. So it’s a good sign that the document is wrong if you can’t tell the difference between them.

Is the background information consistent?

One of the easiest mistakes a candidate can make when sending a fake paycheck is the lack of certain sections of personal details. Payslips and other official documents. Usually have the person’s name, address, social security number, and additional personal information listed in multiple places, so this is a warning sign. If you find inconsistencies in these areas.

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