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How to spot a fake W2 in three simple steps

How to spot a fake W2 in three simple steps

In addition to payslips, applicants sometimes also present other fake documents if they do not meet specific requirements for the rental application. Here are our tips for spotting a fake W2.

1. Indicates the i’s and crosses the t’s

Go through the list above and look for the same problems. Does their W2 claim to have also won $ 1,000,000 last year? Is it blurry with characters everywhere? Their address is listed as a thing on their paycheck, but something else on their W2? All these inconsistencies are things to watch out for.

2. Do your due diligence

Another easy way to check if the candidate submitted W2 is legitimate is to make sure it comes from a genuine company. Do some quick research on the company and trust your instincts. If your study refers to a real business, does it seem simple? Are they based in the United States, or do you need to confirm that your candidate is a remote worker? Does their website look credible and show accurate information about what the company is doing? If you can check all of these boxes, the company checks.

3. Check the candidate’s employment status

The last thing you can do to verify a W2 is to call the company they have listed. They should be able to confirm that the candidate is working for them and the hiring date. When asking for references during the application process, be sure to ask for a current employer reference. If a candidate knows that you can call their employer, they will be less likely to attempt to commit paycheck or W2 fraud.

Be sure to contact the references they provide. It can help you build a better character profile about the individual. Asking for an office number that you can verify via a quick Google search, rather than a mobile number, is an excellent way to make sure you’re not just talking to a scammer’s partner.

Make sure you have these tips on hand for spotting fake paychecks and job verification to protect yourself from scammers. In addition to reviewing these listings during the rental application period, you should also take advantage of tenant selection services to ensure your tenant meets your rental criteria.

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