fake payslips

How to spot fake payslips?

How to spot fake payslips

Background information should be included and consistent.

Missing information such as the applicant’s name, address, company, and other essential personal data can be a gift. The document should also include taxes, insurance deductions, and gross pay. Like other official documents, payslips usually list some of this information in multiple places. If you find any inconsistencies, it could be a red flag that the requester has provided you with a stub generated online.

Do the Calculations

While it might seem overwhelming if you’re not a math whiz, you can gauge false heels by calculating if the numbers add up by themselves. You (or your accountant) can calculate the earnings and deductions shown on your payslip. If you find miscalculations or a number that doesn’t make sense, it may be wrong.

Use other methods of income verification.

Unfortunately, you won’t always be able to determine a fake heel from a real one just by looking at it, so it’s essential to use other methods to check income as well.

Request a Form W-2

Although people can create fake W-2 forms, it is much more challenging to do so. The W-2 will list gross income, taxes, and deductions so you can assess whether the prospective tenant will be able to pay rent and other charges on time. Employers create these forms to more accurately verify income.

Call your employer

Not all employers will check how much a person earns, but you can tell if they have been honest about where they work. Beware of using a phone number provided by the candidate, as a friend may pretend to be their boss or an HR employee. Do your research and find HR contact details.

Request a Form 4506 from the IRS

This form will allow you to view a transcript of a prospective tenant’s federal tax file.

Request bank statements

The deposits of the potential tenant should match what is indicated for their income. The company name must also appear on the deposit. If the information does not check or is missing, they may be lying.

Always run your credit check.

While it might seem like a nice and convenient gesture for your tenant to offer a copy of their credit report, people can also forge credit reports. Avoid dealing with a false credit report by always requesting your credit report. When selecting applicants via Apartments.com, you will receive detailed credit reports provided by Trans Union. Each information includes address history, employment history, payment history, and the applicant’s total declared debt.

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